Insurance Planning

(Risk Management)

My focus is to recommend insurance products as the result of a fiduciary Financial Planning engagement.

Protecting Those You Love Most

Proper life insurance is the cornerstone of your family’s financial plan.

Learn how you can get prepared.

Life insurance

Life insurance is a financial product meant to achieve specific and various objectives within your overarching financial plan, which change through time. It’s especially meant to help protect your family’s lifestyle if you were to unexpectedly pass away. But it can also help fund your child’s education or your retirement in a tax-efficient manner, your business’ buy-sell agreement, etc.

Your life insurance policies should be reviewed periodically to ensure the death benefit value is still appropriate. Funding should be adequately maintained and you may want to change riders. You may be able to work through underwriting again if you’ve stopped smoking, if your health has improved, or if it makes sense to replace it with a new policy with a lower mortality expense rate because life expectancy is generally increasing.

I have the ability to shop the market in order to find the most appropriate and cost-effective product which achieves your financial planning objectives.

Disability Insurance

This is the most often overlooked insurance product because of Social Security Disability Insurance. The problem is multi-faceted: Many people don’t realize it takes a long-term disability to qualify for SSDI. Even then, it’s difficult to qualify and the typical payout is just above poverty ($11,670/yr).

Beyond that, the risk is high as more than 1-in-4 will become disabled before reaching retirement age according to the Social Security Administration. Mind you that my father had experienced a couple of disabilities throughout his lifetime, which put him out of work. The risk is very real.

Another issue most people face is lack of portability between employers–what happens if you become disabled while in transition or if your new employer doesn’t offer those benefits? What happens if you want to start a business? Are you protected now as a business owner? Do you own a business and have employees who should be protecting themselves and their families?

Again, I have the ability to shop the market to find the most appropriate and cost-effective product which achieves your specific financial planning needs.

Long-Term Care Insurance

According to, professional long-term care services will be needed by 46.7% of men for an average of 1.5 years and 57.5% of women for an average of 2.5 years. Many people find value in long-term care insurance because of the high leverage it affords relative to the premium expense and also because of the partnership program excluding assets from Medicaid qualification.

However, demand for these products has fallen somewhat in favor of cash value life insurance with a chronic illness rider, which enables you to accelerate the death benefit to pay for the cost of care. While some LTC policies will return unused premiums, the cost of the rider can be relatively expensive and cause your estate to lose value to inflation.

This means you don’t have to make a use it or lose it purchase with a cash value life insurance policy that pays for chronic illness benefits because, let’s face it, everyone dies. I can shop the market to compare the most efficient and effective policies available for your specific financial planning needs.

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