Integrum Wealth Management’s vision is to help preserve the continuity of the U.S. financial system as well as the desired lifestyles of its citizens.


To facilitate the achievement of our clients’ lifestyle and financial goals by becoming the industry’s most technically competent financial planning firm while providing a safe, secure, and understanding environment for conversations to create an enjoyable experience.




I manage investments from a global macroeconomic perspective. I monitor the U.S. macroeconomic calendar and research industry microeconomics. I prefer to invest domestically because I have far better control over risk.

I carefully consider the actions and plans of Congress and the Federal Reserve to understand the course of fiscal and monetary policy as well as their projected economic and market effects.

I evaluate the fundamentals of investment opportunities from the perspective of an experienced accountant; I place a high value upon both the historical and projected financial performance as well as the credit ratings and valuations of the companies of which the portfolio is comprised.

I utilize Modern Portfolio Theory to provide technical analysis in support of portfolio construction once investment opportunities have been qualified through both economic and financial analysis.

I only invest if the calculations make sense given the current metrics.

All of my investment decisions are mathematically justified.

I do not and I will not speculate.

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